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nano analytik GmbH offers this versatile, compact and extremely simple-to-use atomic force microscope (AFM) tool, allowing a huge variation of applications.

This novel nano analytik system has been developed in order to provide high-speed nano-scale imaging by “non-optical”, so called “active” cantilevers.

These cantilevers have an integrated piezo-resistive bridge sensor and thermomechanical actuator, making the necessity of complex manual AFM laser adjustments redundant. In particular, this system is very well suited for operation in vacuum in the fields of Materials Science applications.

It can be easily employed for e.g. chemical or bio-sensing, making it the first characterization system that allows investigation and calibration of diverse piezoresistive or capacitive cantilevers.

The nanoMETRONOM system has been developed to be a user-friendly nano-tech tool with an open modular architecture, making this remarkable instrument easy to be extended or modified on customer demand.

The key design and performance elements of NanoMETRONOM:

  • For to industrial and academic research for complex nano-surface analysis
  • Easy to use for unsurpassed usability
  • Robust and reliable with high level automation
  • Ultimately simple cantilever exchange “plug and play”
  • High level automation for unsurpassed usability
  • Diverse applications in materials science, semiconductors, mask-less lithography, thin films, soft polymers, coatings, hard metallic and ceramic systems, and bio-application


Possible Cantilever Technology
In-Situ Capability
Imaging Modes
Digital Resolution
Controller Bandwidth
Positioning Resolution
Motionrange (X, Y, Z)
Bottom Coarse Positioner
Camera & Optics
Active Vibration Isolation
System Data
Active probes, passive on piezo-shaker.
Liquids, Gases.
Non-contact (Topography, Phase Shift, Error Signal), Contact-Mode, Conductive AFM (C-AFM) & Force-Distance Curve.
18 Bit
min. 5MHz
Top-Scanner equipped with piezoresistive position sensors.
X: 1nm, Y: 1nm, Z: 0.3nm
35µm x 35µm x 10µm
Typically manual micropositioner, motorized positioning stages on customer request.
System is by default equipped with USB camera for optical sample navigation and an optical setup to adjust camera zoom.
The nanoMETRONOM system comes with nano analytik's standard AFM software.
An active vibration isolation stage is included.
Suitable probes: AFM-Canti (standard, others on request.)
Other modes (Kelvin-Probe, MFM, Lithography, SSPR etc.) upon request.
Real noise free resolution.
Bottom-Scanner arrangement possible as well.
Given values for closed-loop position control. Open-loop resolution is atleast 5 times higher.
Standard alternative: 100µm x 100µm x 30µm. Others on request.
Travel range (X & Y) min. 10mm. Equipped with holder for 4 inch wafer. Customized holder for special purposes are possible as well.
Image resolution up to 1024x1024px. All image files can be exported as Gwyddion-files.



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