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nano analytik GmbH developed several unique MEMS devices, which
can be applied to many relevant areas of the nanoscience including:

  • Chemical & Biological sensing,
  • Detection low mechanical forces,
  • Surface analysis,
  • Variety of SPM probes.

nano analytik GmbH provides a variety of SPM probes for all your nanoresearch needs.

nano analytik GmbH has the capability of developing leading edge smart cantilever and nano-resonator technology. We do this by developing applications based on already developed and renowned state-of-the-art techniques in the development of novel technologies based on smart cantilever technology.

nano analytik GmbH developed SPM probes, which consist of a silicon cantilever with an integrated sensor/actuator and a functionalized silicon tip. The cantilevers have high resonance frequencies (3-5Mhz) and low spring constants.

Research and development areas:

  • Multi-Cantilever concept
  • Intelligent surface scanning systems
  • High-speed cantilever imaging
  • Advanced applications in sensor systems
  • Next-Generation AFM systems
  • Nano-marking readout systems
  • High-performance AFM image processing
  • New sensor technologies
  • Ion-positioning technology
  • Health & environment
  • Biomedical & biomolecular health care solutions
  • Tip-Transistor for molecular diagnostics
  • Biomedical systems environmental sensors
  • Technologies innovation

Research and technology services:

  • Process development
  • Process simulations
  • Research services
  • MEMS prototyping
  • Security by design
  • Sensors safety engineering
  • Prototypes and demos
  • Emerging Technologies
  • New Sensor Technologies
  • Nano resonators
  • Attobalance
  • Chip design for intelligent AFM sensor chips
  • Integration of multi sensor AFM Systems
  • Sensor technologies
  • Hardware technologies
  • Software technologies & regulations
  • High-Speed-Scanning-Systems
  • Advanced technologies for nanostructures fabrication
  • Next generation AFM sensors
  • Advanced single ion implant solutions
  • Research strategies
  • Innovation dynamic and innovation strategies