About us

nano analytik GmbH aims to simplify the nano analytics, while enabling new groundbreaking research.

nano analytik GmbH has its core competence in the field of sensors, microsystem technologies and electronics.
In the field of sensor technology, we are engaged in the development and production of MEMS-based nano-analytical systems that can be used for power, position, flow, mass and heat detection.

The company is a spin-off of the Ilmenau University of Technology and was founded in April 2010. One of the founding partners of nano analytik GmbH was the company analytik jena AG.

The basis of our corporate culture is the certainty to develop excellent products, which are improving the quality of life and protect the environment.

Short facts

Headquartered in 98693 llmenau and represented on 4000 m2

All facilities involved in the manufacturing of our products, are located in Germany

Delivering quality “Made in Germany” at fair working conditions.

Effective use of cleanroom areas on 2000 m2