Ultra compact UHV-AFM for usage with active cantilevers

The AFMinSEM from the nano analytik GmbH is not only used for imaging, it is capable to be employed for nanofabrication and metrology as well.

For this purpose, we are offering a compact-AFM system, applicable in any SEM without chamber modification, for micro manipulation and metrology scanning.

The XYZ-Stage is a non-magnetic, closed-loop nanopositioner with a 60µm x 60µm x 20µm range (Position Noise: X, Y=0.4nm; Z=0.2nm) of motion and an extremely low out-of-plane motion. It features high resonant frequencies (X, Y=750Hz; Z=2000Hz) and is designed for space-constrained applications that require high-precision positioning. Furthermore, the coarse positioning stage offers manipulation capabilities in the range of 1,5 cm in X, Y and Z with a precision of 3nm.

AFM operating under room and vacuum conditions

No machine downtime of the AFM or your SEM tool, due to AFM operation capability in vacuum and air.

Fast installation in less than 5 minutes.


Maximum XY-Range (Resolution)
Maximum Z-range (Resolution)
Maximum XY-Addressing Field (Resolution)
Maximum Sample Size / Height
Navigation Camera
Approach Distance
Imaging modes
Spectroscopy Modes
Optional Modes
Size (LWH) / Weight
System Data
Measurement-head is fully vacuum compatible.
60µm (0,4nm)
20µm (0,2nm)
18mm x 18mm (3µm)
ø 70mm / 6mm
Optionally available for air operation.
Eight mm distance, fully automatic or manual step-by-step approach.
Non-contact, Contact, Phase Shift
Force-Distance, Amplitude-Distance
Current-Distance, Lithography, Q-Control, MFM, EFM, KPM
108mm x 70mm x 50mm / 360g
Applicable to most SEM-/FIB-systems available on the market.


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