2023: Workshop on Nanometrology

The scientific workshop "Workshop on Nanometrology" took place on 06-07.06.2023. This is part of our activities within the EU project EMPiR MetExSPM. The goal of the MetExSPM project is to develop tools and methods to maintain measurement consistency with high-speed scanning probe microscopy (SPM) near-field microscopes with an uncertainty of 1 nm and to characterize the functional properties of nanostructures. Currently available high-speed SPM microscopes are versatile and powerful tools for submicron measurements, but their speed and measurement uncertainty do not meet industry requirements. The project involves representatives from four European metrology institutions (VTT, CMI, GUM, PTB), the Wrocław University of Technology, and industrial partners Carl Zeiss SMT, Nano Analytik (NA), and Physik Instrumente (PI).

At the workshop, the Managing Director of nanoanalytik GmbH presented their latest invention of active cantilever and atomic force microscope, in which a resolution in pm scale can be achieved. This result is aligned with the project goal and is considered as one of the major contributions to the realization of a HS-SPM (High Speed - SPM), both for the EMPiR MetExSPM project and for nanometrology.