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The use of non-optical read-out-AFM-probes has been an idea since the birth of the Scanning Probe Microscopy. For this purpose nano analytik developed high performance AFM-controller capable to work with “one or two plus n” non-optical probes. The Multichannel Controller enables the utilization of two or many probes for independent imaging. This permits supreme flexibility with the ultimate resolution using high frequency (3-10 MHz) probes which are  having autonomous read-out and actuation.  The 50 MHz nano analytik controlling system is emphasized by the capability to combine AFM with other electron or ion based scanning system.

Zelos-Control® 50 Mhz Controller 2-Chanel

Key features

The AFM Dual-channel Controller is a low-cost and effective AFM controller comprising the essential blocks for AFM/SPM applications. The all-in-one flexible architecture replaces the necesity of combining different modules for building common AFM/SPM systems as well as various application specific instruments.

The AFM Dual-channel Controller has two identical physical channels which include all-digital lock-in amplifiers, DDS signal generators, PID controllers for Z-drive and sensor conditioning circuitries. The XY stage driving and sample approach are provided by special blocks integrated in the controller.

The controller combines a high-end analog front-end for signal conditioning and all-digital FPGA core for high-performance all-digital modules for signal processing and control.

A high-speed USB communication interface provide a real-time data sampling and visualization using PC software with а functional and convenient GUI.

Lock-in amplifier

Mixed signal front-end

Digital PID Controller

Digital PID Controller

DDS Generator

Sensor conditioning and excitation

Motor drivers

□ DC motor  

□ Step motor  

□ Resolution 0.5 um (1/16 step)




Shear-Force AFM

Fast Q-Control AFM

Closed-loop  3,5µm x 2,5µm scan of Graphene atomic steps with 50 Hz Shear-Force mode (raw data).

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