To support our R&D team in a cutting-edge collaboration project in frontiers in nanolithography with the University of New Mexico (USA) we are looking for an internship for 6–9 months

The project, called Field-Emission Scanning Probe Lithography (FE-SPL), aims to develop new applications for nanolithography technology developed at nano analytik GmbH. The FE-SPL system is used to generate highly defined nano-features under room conditions [1].

In the project's current phase, new applications have to be developed using new field-emitter tips under the supervision of our experienced development team and in close collaboration with our partners at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, USA.

We are looking for a student with a background in physics, chemistry, engineering, nanoscience, or equivalent who wants to do an industry R&D project as part of his or her master’s education or as an intern. Candidates should have shown an affinity for experimental work, including hardware assembly and characterization. Basic knowledge of atomic force microscopy (AFM) or cantilever-based measurement instruments is of special importance. Good communication skills in English and preferably also in German are essential to function well inside the team and with our academic partners in the USA.

Shortly, you are talented in the lab and know how to perform systematic and high-quality
measurements and innovative ideas. We offer you our full support and guidance in developing new nanotechnologies and highly leveled scientific topics.

Please submit your CV and a letter of motivation for this position to

[1] Beilstein J. Nanotechnol. 2018, 9, 2855–2882.y