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A shear force mechanism (ShFM) is used as a distance control in AFM microscope. nano analytik’s self-actuated, piezoresistive probes offering a simple and sensitive operation and capable of imaging both hard-material and biological system surfaces repeatedly and nondestructively.  Self-actuated, self-sensing scanning probe sensors are offering reliable operation in multi-resonance mode RDD- technique.  This mode offers atomic resolution operation at acceptable scanning speed and fast operation in liquids.

Guaranted atomic step resolution

The high resolution inherent in these probes enables its use in a wide array of applications, ranging from topographic imaging, nanofabrication, and surface phenomena studies. Moreover, with digital signal processor controlled fast phase-tracking data acquisition electronics of nano analytik, thousands of pixels can be gathered in extremely short period of time.

Cantilever Data


Typical variation


Non contact, contact mode (90° to Surface)

Possible operating mode

Active / passive


Yes, thermally driven actuator


Yes, piezoresistive




W = 120 µm

+/- 5 µm

L = 350 µm

+/- 10 µm

T = 3 - 5 µm is possible

+/- 1 µm

Tip hight

In plane


Tip position from top



Force Constant

20 N/m

+/- 10 N/m

Resonance Frequency

f = 30 - 50 kHz is possible

+/- 5 kHz

Possible Coatings

Upon request, reflective backside-coating of proven materials

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