Intended start of employment: Jan/Feb 2021
Intended working time: Full-time, 40h/week

As a chief scientist, you will be in charge of the management and organization of an international team dedicated to develop new microscopy equipment and measurement methods. You will inject your know-how into the design of the new instruments and help in building and verifying various new solutions. You will be actively involved in all steps of the process and contribute to the implementation of the project. 

Your tasks:

  • Become familiar with construction and use of our scanning probe microscopes.
  • Plan, execute and accompany development projects.
  • Supervise and monitor the development, manufacturing and integration of new instruments.
  • Work collaboratively with scientists, engineers and management to create an effort plan, set objectives and pursue them to successful product accomplishment.
  • Evaluate, assess and procure assembly parts. Make sure of correct inventorization and document their usage.
  • Assure verbose documentation of project status, conducted work and technical equipment.
  • Write project applications and represent the company in project meetings and conferences.
  • Write reports and present results to the board and key investors.
  • Design diverse electrical and mechanical components.
  • Last, but not least: Be a key element in the definition and persecution of the company's forefront scientific mission, following a strict code of ethics and protecting any confidential information at all time.

Your profile and qualifications:

  • You have already got your hands on Scanning Probe Microscopes. Ideally, you have vast experience and expertise in operating and even designing such systems.
  • You have a diploma or PhD in Engineering, Physics, or equivalent breadth and depth of experience.
  • You have excellent written and oral communication skills in English to effectively interact with all members of nano analytik GmbH and its partners.
  • You are flexible and creative in pursuing new topics and carrying out forefront research.
  • You love digging into and solving complex problems that require attention to detail. You are a critical thinker and share your opinion with your teammates. You stand your ground, but are open to arguments and willing to learn. You are a self-confident team player.
  • You like traveling and enjoy working in a multi-disciplinary team.
  • Optimally, you are already recognized as a resource or high impact contributor to international conferences or publications in refereed journals.