Determination of the mixing ratio of a flowing gas mixture with self-actuated microcantilevers

Young scientist from the Technical University of Ilmenau developed and patented a new mass flow controller principle to determine the mixing ratio of a flowing gas mixture, based on self-sensing and self-actuating cantilevers from nano analaytik GmbH.

Jaqueline Stauffenberg, Steve Durstewitz, Martin Hofmann, Tzvetan Ivanov, Mathias Holz, Waleed Ehrhardt, Wolf-Ulrich Riegel, Jens-Peter Zöllner, Eberhard Manske, and Ivo W. Rangelow

Journal of Sensors and Sensor Systems, 9, 71–78 (27 Feb 2020)

DOI: 10.5194/jsss-9-71-2020