Advanced Scanning Probe Nanolithography Using GaN Nanowires

nano analytik GmbH showcases its innovative scanning probe technologies by presenting unique results published in NANO letters.  The work was realised in collaboration with Zyvex Labs, University of New Mexico and Wroclaw University of Science and Technology  

Scanning probe based patterning/imaging techniques have been attractive for many research groups to conduct their research in nanoscale device fabrication and nanotechnology, mainly due to its cost-effective process. However, the current tip materials in these techniques suffer from poor durability, limited resolution and relatively high fabrication costs.

Here, we report on employing GaN nanowires as a robust semiconductor material in scanning probe lithography (SPL) and microscopy (SPM). Such wires, used as the tip of a scanning probe, feature a relatively low-cost fabrication process and the capability to provide sub-10 nm lithography and atomic scale (<1 nm) patterning resolution using field-emission scanning probe lithography (FE-SPL) and scanning tunnelling microscopy (STM), respectively.