SPNF project - Scanning Probe Nano Fabrication Machine

Implementation of a novel class of nano-fabrication devices, based on scanning probe microscopy and lithography, universally and flexibly usable in all kinds of nano patterning applications, especially for wafers and masks.

Project acronyms: SPNF, SP-NanoFab
Project number: 2018FE9019
Funding organization: Thüringer Aufbaubank
Applicants: Ilmenau University of Technology, SIOS Meßtechnik GmbH and nano analytik GmbH


Nanotechnology is recognized as an important key technology worldwide. Just due to the nanoscale of system components, new functionalities are available that could lead to the development of new products or improved product properties. However, even next-generation lithography (EUV, X-ray, e-beam) still faces technical challenges and currently leads to very high plant costs. As a result, alternative lithography techniques are emerging that can structure sub-10nm features. Here, nano-positioning and nano-measuring technology is gaining enormous importance.
Within the framework of basic research projects, the feasibility of combining highly localized scanning probe nano-structuring with cross-scale nano-positioning and nanometric techniques has been successfully demonstrated.

On this basis, the aim of this project is therefore to implement a new class of scanning probe nano-fabricating machines for universal application in nano-structuring, especially of wafers and masks. The targeted final products should enable even end users to do cross-scale nano-patterning with unprecedented sub-15nm precision in order to produce novel, flexible and universal components, even in small quantities. It is supposed to pave the way for a new field of alternative nano-lithography, in both quantity and quality.

To reach this goal, the project joins research results, existing solutions and know-how of all involved partners in close cooperation.

The project funded by the federal state of Thuringia received co-financing under the European Regional Development Fund (EFRE) by the European Union.