INRAM project

Development of a highly dynamic XYZ top scanner unit using the piezoelectric effect and a corresponding control electronics for use in a novel compact industrial atomic force microscopy.

Project acronym: INRAM
Project number: 2015 VF 0030
Funding organization: Thüringer Aufbaubank
Applicants: nano analytik - 2015 FE 9084; piezosystemjena - 2015 FE 9085


Based on advanced nanotechnology knowledge, nano analytik GmbH is developing a novel AFM as a versatile and compact industrial microscope. In strong cooperation with the project partner piezosystemjena GmbH the nano analytik GmbH is planning to bring a XYZ-top-scanner unit to the market which can be applied for characterization of organic and inorganic surfaces.

Filling the upcoming requirements of the industry, in terms of process stability and reproducibility, new characterization methods have to be introduced in the development and production, The INRAM-microscope will fill this requirements with special focus on ease of use. The compact system can be placed above or directly on top of the measurement surface and is enabling semi-automatic measurement without compromises.

The project funded by the federal state of Thuringia received co-financing under the European Regional Development Fund (EFRE) by the European Union.