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Universal, active

AFM Cantilever (AFM-CL)


Shear force microscopy

AFM Cantilever (ShFM)

High-frequency, low spring constant AFM Cantilever (HFSPM)


AFM Cantilever (TRI)

Small Cantilever

for fast AFM (SFCL)

Mass sensor for in situ EBID/IBID process control

nano analytik’s active cantilevers are highly integrated and well beyond today’s established technology for functional nano-tip arrays. The single probes incorporate actuation and sensing directly onto the cantilever itself, taking advantage of the high performance cantilever manufacturing technology that has been developed and demonstrated earlier.

The fabrication processes and their utilization for different types of piezoresistive cantilever

are described in more detail in the article:

T. Michels and I. W. Rangelow, Microelectron. Eng. 126, 191 (2014).

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