2016: Recent developments at nano analytik GmbH in the active cantilever AFM microscopy

The new Active Cantilever AFM belongs to the next generation atomic force microscopes. The German nanotechnology company nano analytik GmbH has presented the new AFMinSEM at the 60th International Conference on Electron, Ion, and Photon Beam Technology and Nanofabrication, which took place in Pittsburgh, PA.

High-speed atomic force microscopy in vacuum enables fast visualization of nano-scale processes and opens up possibilities for novel scientific discoveries. An increase in imaging throughput enables the application of this instrument for quality control tasks in the semiconductor industry. The tool includes exceptional modularity that allows simultaneous use of SEM, FIB, EBID and AFM techniques as well as correlative imaging configurations. Sophisticated metrological analysis software and high-performance digital control maintain the AFMinSEM position at the worldwide market’s leading edge. “The tool was specifically engineered to fit to almost all SEMs and FIB systems and is addressed to budget-conscious users with high expectations on instrument performance.” says Mathias Holz, CEO and Head of Sales & Marketing at nano analytik GmbH.

Link: EIPBN 2016