2016: nano analytik GmbH presents ultimate active cantilever based AFM microscopy at the nanoFIS conference

The most recent trend of technical innovation is the latest active cantilever technology developed at nano analytik GmbH, guaranteeing an extremely high AFM imaging productivity. This unique technique was presented at the International Conference on "nanoFIS 2016 - Functional Integrated nano Systems" 27th to 29th June 2016 in Graz, Austria. The new active-cantilever has made the AFM more flexible, more sensitive and as predicted by Mathias Holz, CEO and Head of Sales & Marketing at nano analytik GmbH, quicker than ever. The nano analytik GmbH new ultra-small, self-sensing and self-actuated cantilever series provide an optimised sensitivity and throughput capability for high-end industrial applications.

Link: nanoFIS 2016