2016: nano analytik GmbH at Sensor+Test

At the Sensor+Test exhibition in Nürnberg, nano analytik GmbH presented the results of new scientific application of the AFMinSEM. Merging two state-of-the-art surface research techniques, in particular AFM and SEM, within a single system is providing novel capabilities like direct visual feedback and life-monitoring of tip-induced nanoscale interactions. Here, the concept and new results of a novel fast AFM-integration into a high resolution SEM/FIB system for nanoscale characterization was presented. In this context, a six-axis AFM system, using self-sensing thermomechanically transduced active cantilever, has being integrated. The design of the developed AFM-integration was described and its performance was demonstrated. Unique results from combined examinations applying fast AFM-methods and SEM-image fusion, AFM-SEM combined metrology verification and 3D-visualization have been presented. Simultaneous operation of SEM, FIB, EBID and AFM provides a fast and nanometer exact navigation combined with sub-nm topographic AFM image acquisition. Metrology application scenarios of combined studies on example of MoS2 and diverse metrological test structures have been discussed.

Link: Sensor+Test 2016