2016: nano analytik GmbH at NANOSCALE Conference

nano analytik GmbH demonstrated live at the NANOSCALE-2016 Conference (Wroclaw, Poland) recent developments in AFM Imaging with high-speed active cantilevers. Radically improved AFM efficiency and performance, user-friendliness, high measurement speed, sensitivity, and atomic resolution are simultaneously available without compromise for sample size.

The application of automatic estimation of imaging and regulation parameters is the key for easy AFM use. An innovative AFM-control algorithm and intuitive software are helping to achieve excellent imaging results almost immediately. During the NANOSCALE Conference, nano analytik GmbH demonstrated how their self-actuated, piezoresistive cantilevers make AFM-imaging faster, leading to a greatly improved productivity.

A particular focus has been placed on compact-AFM in Vacuum issues requiring outstanding spatial resolution, fast data acquisition, and extraordinary signal sensitivity of amplitude, phase, and frequency detection in combination with automated and intuitive CD-measurement procedures. The six-axes AFM-cantilever positioning concept is needed for a fast localization of the "area of interest" position, where the AFM analysis has to take place. nano analytik GmbH presented high-speed AFMinSEM offering unique capabilities and flexibility for easy operation in vacuum and air (more: www.nanoanalytik.net).

According to Mathias Holz, Business Development Manager of nano analytik GmbH, “Reducing active-cantilever dimension by more than five times was only possible by keeping similar performance characteristics of optical-cantilevers. It makes this SPM active-sensor not only extremely “easy to use”, but also enables an ideal fit for customers who are looking for designing next generation scanning probe equipment that can effectively deal with atomic resolution, very high imaging speed and measurement throughput.”