2017: Conference on Micro- and Nano-Mechanics (CNM) in Wroclaw (PL)

The 2017 Conference on Micro- and Nano-Mechanics took place at the Wroclaw University of Science and Technology in the historical center of Wroclaw, Poland. The university organized an excellent conference and provided the optimal atmosphere to discuss the newest applications in electronics, nanotechnology, biotechnology, photonics and life sciences.

More than 100 interested researchers from Europa, the USA and Asia attended the talks and posters contributed by the nano analytik GmbH. nano analytik presented the broadest possible applications of different Scanning Probe Technologies based on active Cantilevers starting from fast AFM imaging, AFMinSEM, single atom manipulation for Qbits, single-atom electronics and giving completely new solutions for Field-Emission based Scanning Probe Lithography sub-5nm-devices. Novel Cantilever solutions of nano analytik, equipped with single crystal Diamond are promising alternatives in various aspects of high speed Field-Emission Scanning Probe lithography.

All in all, CNM 2017 was a huge manifest of next generation Scanning Probe Technology developed by nano analytik.


Link: CNM 2017 in Wroclaw, Poland