2019: Fall Meeting of the Chinese Physical Society (CPS)

From the 19th to 22nd September2019 the Fall Meeting of the Chinese Physical Society (CPS) took place in Zhengzhou, China. The nano analytik GmbH presented together with the local representative GermanTech Ltd. an allround-type AFMinSEM tool capable for correlative microscopy and nano fabrication. This AFMinSEM tool can operate in any scanning electron microscope (SEM) or SEM combined with a focused ion-beam (FIB) column. Moreover, the ultimate compact nanoMETRONOM AFM has been shown and attracted a lot of attention due to the easiest “one click” use, ultimately smallest footprint and highest flexibility at competitive price. The nano analytik GmbH is employing patented piezoresistive, thermo-mechanically actuated cantilevers (active cantilevers) capable for fast imaging and nanofabrication.