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Scanning probe microscopy (SPM) is a very sensitive technique to determine various surface properties with nanometer resolution. Recent developments at nano analytik enable investigations sample properties like elasticity, friction coefficients between tip and sample, local temperature and surface roughness.

In 1988, from the demand for simplifying the mechanical set-up of the AFMs head, Ivo Rangelow developed the concept for the development of a cantilever with an integrated piezoresistive deflection sensor. Later on in 1998 he realized first self-actuated, self-sensing SPM cantilever. In 2002 he proposed that instead of using standard piezoresistive fabrication technology, much better is to employed 2D quantum confinement method and obtained high piezoresistance in tiny silicon cantilevers.  Actually this technique was combined with a strained silicon technique to get giant piezoresistance. This novel technique shows great advantage in fabrication of ultrasensitive scanning probe sensors used in high-speed AFM microscopy.

Cantilever Data


Typical variation


Non contact/ tapping mode, contact mode

Possible operating mode

(Active)-on piezo-shaker / passive


Extern, already bonded on piezo-shaker is possible


Yes piezoresistive




W = 10 µm (2,5 µm of one leg)

+/- 2 µm (+/- 0,5 µm)

L = 20 - 50 µm is possible

+/- 5 µm

T = 1 - 3 µm is possible

+/- 1 µm

Tip hight

H = 5 µm

+/- 2 µm

Tip position from top

D = 1 µm

+/- 1 µm

Force Constant

Resonance Frequency

f = 1 - 3 MHz

+/- 500 kHz

Possible Coatings

Upon request, reflective backside-coating of proven materials

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