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The high-speed atomic force microscopy system nano analytik offers, is a highly innovative, ultra compact analysis tool. It is the new benchmark for high speed imaging on the nanoscale. Based on the self-sensing probes, the AFM is extraordinary simple to operate. It delivers high-resolution images within seconds, instead of minutes. This all-in-one system is suited for all applications on any kind of samples – in air, vacuum or fluid. Its flexible platform offers surpassing application versatility. The ease-of-operation and user-friendliness is our main drive to make nano-imaging more accessible.

Profit from an efficient analysis tool of exceptional productivity, which will bring you nanotech closer and easier than ever before.

World’s Easiest-to-Operate AFM

From placing the sample, analyzing its surface or exchanging the long-life tip: the entire AFM operation has never been so easy. The non-optical, 2DEG based read-out and self-actuating AFM-sensor makes the use extremely simple. Our software offers a 1-Click-Scan: you are seconds away from an atomic resolution nanoscale image.

High Speed, High Performance and High Resolution Images

This AFM offers closed-loop, non-contact scanning with up to unique 200Hz, while remaining low noise (<50pm) and low drift. Make images of exceptional resolution and quality in record time without modifying your sample. There is no more compromise between speed and quality.

Ultra Compact Configuration

The entire AFM consists of a top-scanning unit, an optical camera system and a new type controller. The housing around the scanning unit offers acoustic isolation. This configuration fits on any lab table.

Easy-to-operate and highly productive AFM software wit 3D live-scan (up to ~1 image/second).

Closed-loop  10µm x 10µm scan of Polymer on quarz-sample with 50 Hz non-contact mode (raw data).


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No, (Yes) Can be ordered

Possible cantilever technology

Active / (Active)-on piezo-shaker

AFM-Canti, HFSPM, Tri, Fast Canti

In-Situ capability

Liquids, Gases

Possible operating mode

Frequenz shift / Phase shift





min. 1



min. 12 Bit

16 Bit


min. 70 MHz

100 MHz


All Top-/ Bottom-Scanner




X,Y: 0,2 nm; Z: 0,03 nm

Motionrange (X, Y, Z)


20 µm, 20 µm, 5 µm