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nano analytik developed a novel resonator-based mass sensor for use in EBID or IBID.  Resonators are used as inertial balances to detect small quantities of adsorbed or removed mass through shifts in oscillation frequency. The mass sensor is capable to detect the gas-molecule surface-coverage, the gas-residence time, the coverage density on particular surface, and growth or removal speed during the EBID or IBID process. The electronics is capable for in situ frequency shift tracking through deposition and etching events with a sensitivity of Attogram (weighing at the Attogram  scale).

Messbereich: Femto- bis Zeptogramm (10-18 kg bis 10-24kg)

Messsensitivität: ca. s=10 ag/Hz

Cantilever Data


Typical variation


Non contact/ tapping mode, contact mode

Possible operating mode

(Active)-on piezo-shaker / passive


Extern, already bonded on piezo-shaker is possible


Yes piezoresistive




W = 10 µm (2,5 µm of one leg)

+/- 2 µm (+/- 0,5 µm)

L = 20 - 50 µm is possible

+/- 5 µm

T = 1 - 3 µm is possible

+/- 1 µm

Tip hight



Tip position from top



Force Constant

Resonance Frequency

f = 1 - 3 MHz

+/- 500 kHz

Possible Coatings

Upon request, reflective backside-coating of proven materials

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